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"This year CPA has helped two students with driving school payment and license fees. We have also been able to purchase warm clothes for a student who was greatly in need during the cold months."


Courtney Grove,

Head Teacher Cowlitz Prairie Academy 

"Toledo Elementary has purchased the following this year: 50 Child Friendly Cloth Face Masks (5 per student) 3 Pairs of Shoes (1 per student) 5 Pant/Shirt/Sweatshirt Outfits (1 per student) Snacks for a number of students (Hungry Tummy's during the school day)"

Angela Bacon

Principal, Toledo Elementary School 

"At the middle school, we have provided clothes and shoes for students. We got a lovely note from one of our families that we helped, 'Thank you so much for the clothing and shoes. We have been struggling to get clothes that fit as he has grown so much. I truly appreciate that!"


Sheila Holter

Principal, Toledo Middle School 

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